Siti Salwa

When I was 10, I remembered calling an English radio station to submit a joke I translated from Malay. While the joke was bad and I was not able to speak properly, I remember my parents’ proud faces listening to my call even when they did not understand a word I said. I knew then that there could be more of these proud moments if I mastered the language.

However, the journey to learn English was hard because I did not have a proper system to follow and a safe environment to practice. Coming from a low income neighbourhood no one speaks English properly. Even though I have a good academic foundation of the language I was not able to converse effectively.

My ability to use English confidently has certainly changed my life. I have won debate tournaments, taught debate to school kids, and represented my country in student conferences. I was able to secure jobs in multinational companies within Malaysia and overseas. I managed to climb up the corporate ladder in every organisation I have worked in. I even passed the audition for an entrepreneurial reality TV show. I am now a business owner.

SOLS smart has developed a learning structure that would allow you to learn English comfortably, and I wish to be a part of the safe environment you need to practice and apply the language confidently. Together I believe we can empower more people and change lives through English. Yes we can!

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