Business Administration English

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This course is designed to boost employee productivity by using effective and professional business communication strategies. The focus will be on how to write business letters, emails, memos, instant messaging; conduct phone calls; participate in meetings, and attend (online) conferences. The company overall would benefit from improved internal communication and effective management of customers’ feedback with professional communication.


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Course outcomes: At the end of the course, students should be able to:

● understand the types of business communication;
● master formal communication standards;
● write and speak appropriately and accurately;
● learn the etiquette of written and verbal communication;
● write clear and effective business letters and emails;
● have professional face-to-face communication in any business environment;
● follow etiquette of welcoming business guests;
● communicate verbal negotiation strategies;
● implement impactful speech techniques;
● manage online conferences;
● make intelligent and efficient business phone calls;
● answer phone calls professionally.

Duration: 5-6 week programme (20 hours). 


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