Nur Syaeista Khanum

Having studied Political Science in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, I decided to advocate for equality in education. After graduating in 2016, I began working with SOLS 24/7 and, with a team of 6 trainers, we managed to deliver a premium English programme to over 1000 individuals.

English has given me tremendous opportunities to travel and gain knowledge in the past, so now I want to help as many individuals as possible in getting the best and highest-quality education they deserve. Mastering English equally improves your communication skills in general because it forces you to think about how you communicate to get your message across. In addition to this, English can provide the best platform for you to advance professionally in the working sphere.

At SOLS smart, we offer the finest English learning programmes developed based on the needs of working professionals. We will prepare you with the confidence to promote your ideas, with structured ways of delivering your opinion, and to communicate effectively in English. Moreover, our programmes are conducted in a conducive learning environment, whereby we establish a strong foundation for your English language before helping you to break the language barrier. We also incorporated an online application within the programme so you will be able to practise your English anytime anywhere. Ultimately, this programme is perfect for anyone who want to invest in their personal and professional development.

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