Muhammad Fazhar Bin Sharin

Since I was 14 years old, my journey of discovering my passion lead me to become an educator. Graduating as a Geologist in 2015, I was already teaching in schools, tuition centres, home tutoring, and motivation camps since 2014. Joining SOLS 24/7, with the experience of catering to participants from the ages 9 to 75 of various backgrounds my passion sets to a full swing.

I believe that everyone possesses the ingenuity in their view of the world and how it could be better. Our ideas and visions are so great that even writing a book about it is not enough to feel listened to. Personally, English came as the ultimate channel for the world to hear my thoughts. English is intricate and expressive enough that it could cover the details that I wish people can relate to, understand and share. This is how English connects me with not just knowledge and experience, but also to connect and empower – the global bridge of your philosophy.

Investing in English upgrades all the other skills simultaneously. The investment for this one course means a full upgrade of everything else.

Join me and have a seat. Embrace yourself for a reset and recollect yourself to be empowered. Settle the score in mastering English this one time. Experience the foundations and soft skill courses in an interactive, conversational, and savvy manner. A system catered to Malaysian culture, breaking barriers and reshaping mindsets. We will guide each other in fine-tuning your growth as well as defining your in-depth philosophy and true potential in this era of globalization.

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