SOLS smart Description

We want to train your staff to speak English in the most efficient, effective, and affordable way possible. SOLS smart is an HRDF claimable program with the possibility of Cambridge and Google certifications.

Our classes are intended to improve business communication skills. An English-profficient workplace is an industrious workplace. We improve workers’ confidence and their capability in English communication.

English is spoken by 1.75 billion people worldwide, the majority of whom are non-native speakers. With the majority of the internet’s content being written in English, and most international conferences, companies, and organizations using English, it makes sense to educate workers in this rapidly expanding language

SOLS smart Short Description

We support classes of up to 25 trainees. Our HRDF certified trainers will format lessons that encourage trainees to interact with one another and develop their English in the quickest way possible.

We minimize the amount of time spent learning from the book, and maximize time spent learning business-oriented skills.

Best of all, as an HRDF claimable program, this program is effectively free training for your staff. Upgrading employees allows you to expand the scope of your business, at no cost.


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