Kudzai Charlton

With a track record of 6 years as a corporate and soft skills trainer in the telecommunications industry, English has managed to help me break through communication barriers and achieve great milestones in being able to reach out to people from different backgrounds, with just the basic communication skills in English.

Taking a look at how the modern world is being shaped, English has become an essential skill that is needed for optimum survival and SOLS smart will be able to equip you with that needed skill set through our English programmes. With tried and proven programmes and courses in different communities, SOLS smart offers you an experience that is able to boost your confidence in English and make you influential in many areas and aspects of your life. With technological advancement, accessing information online will be simplified for you as majority of the information is in English. In a diversified work environment the upcoming trend in office communications, it is now being broadened and made more effective with English.

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