Jimmy Dipa

My name is Jimmy, I was born in Medan, Indonesia. Most of my life I have lived in Jakarta but one year ago I decided to move to Malaysia.

I grew up in a family who were always supportive of my pursuit for academic achievements, and from our early childhood, we have been exposed to the English language.

Being exposed to English in the early stage of my life has helped me to learn more. Most of the recorded knowledge resources of this world (books, articles, journals, documentaries, movies) are in English. English has helped me to meet people from different parts of the world, and stay connected to the current trend of global society.

After finishing my studies and receiving my bachelor’s degree in Accounting, I realised that I love training and want to empower others through education. This must have started when I was younger, helping my mother out in the English Centre that she runs. So, I began searching for a job in education.

I have worked for a good 8 years and counting in the education industry now. Joining SOLS smart has made me realise how much I like sharing knowledge. So here I am to spread English proficiency and help people understand how crucial the English language is.

There are many centres that offer English courses, but at SOLS smart, we focus on how you can learn efficiently through our unique system that has been proved and tested for many years. Our goal is to ensure that you can apply what you learn in daily work situations. Come and join us, equip yourself with the power of English, and you will see how it opens many doors.

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