Irwan Ambak

I have always been fascinated with the discovery of knowledge.

When I was young, encyclopedias were my favourite source of learning new things – what things were, how things work, when things happened, etc. A wide range of materials were only available in English. These materials were the best for satisfying my curiosity and encouraged my reading habits. Even when my interests changed for story books, comics & magazines the language remained: it was all in English.

When I was maturing I would also turn to news, reports & academic papers. The English dictionary became a frequent companion – both printed and electronic. In my case, this passion of comprehension benefited my grasp of the English language.

Today, I strive to communicate excellent English in everyday life, in my personal life and at work. It is my ardent wish that those I interact with can appreciate and reciprocate with equal aspirations in the command of the language.

I view the SOLS smart training as an opportunity to extend the capability in the English language to as many people as possible. I have experienced many advantages with my English skills, it is hoped that others will be able to enjoy it too.

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