Irina Kujundzic

I am a committed English teacher and a youth worker with international classroom teaching experience, youth work, activism and project management. I have a BA in English language and literature from Slobomir P University and I have been working on my Master thesis within the same field with the University of Belgrade. 

After a few years working as a  project manager in a non-profit organisation, I  worked at Odsherreds Efterskole in Fårevejle, Denmark, where I was teaching English to students aged  16 to 18. The syllabus was aligned with Cambridge IGCSE. In addition to this, I have also taught two general English subjects, as well as Cambridge Global Perspectives, in collaboration with American and British teachers. My responsibilities in the school encompassed night watch, weekend activities and being able to demonstrate the right kind of discipline and care for providing a wholesome education. 

To better equip myself with intercultural classroom management, I spent one month in the United States where I travelled with other English teachers to the sister school, Champlain Valley Union High in Vermont, to supervise American and Danish students on project development. I was also part of the team which travelled to a humanitarian development mission to Cambodia, in March 2018, in cooperation with DanChurchAid, where I  was involved in voluntary English teaching in elementary schools in Phnom Penh and Kampong Speu province. I believe I have gotten a better insight of the multicultural educational system and ability to compare it with Danish and Bosnian educational systems, which enabled me to choose the best traits of each of them, in order to have higher efficiency in a classroom consisting of multicultural students.

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