Daniela Strimbei

With more than five years of project management and training experience in international non-formal education in Europe, I moved to Malaysia in 2014 to start working in English language education and human capital development. In SOLS smart since 2017, I had the opportunity to train professionals from both the corporate and the government sector.

Looking back at my professional progression, English has been the catalyser that helped me unlock one milestone after another; it has been the key to decode every piece of knowledge I wanted to access and it has granted me the position I am in now, where I can make this tool available efficiently to others.

English has the function to give you the extra edge in any education field or industry you choose to excel in. With information at your fingertips, a varied job market and constant innovations and opportunities, English is the super skill that allows you to access any challenge and achieve any level of growth you set for yourself.

What you will love the most about studying at SOLS smart is that the classes are really made simple and enjoyable. You will benefit from a seamless learning process with well-prepared trainers, who are there to guide you until you become fully confident and comfortable in your command of English. At the end, you will not only be highly skilled in English, but you will also be part of a dynamic community focused on self-growth and upskilling.

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