Dalphine Ong Siew Chuen

I did not speak fluent English until I started working. Nevertheless, as a Chinese-school educated student, I could still score well in my English papers in PMR and SPM exams. However as I was studying in a Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK), I hardly spoke English with my schoolmates as we would normally use Bahasa Malaysia to communicate. I did struggle when I entered university as the teaching medium is 100% English. To overcome my lack of confidence, I made an effort to join clubs and societies that had opportunities for me to speak English.

Today I have accumulated more than 15 years of experience in business development and strategic management in the IT sector. English has helped me in developing my career, specifically in business communications. I have had opportunities interacting with international and multinational companies in securing business contracts, negotiating and co-developing business strategy and plans. Though education remains my passion. I conduct business strategy training to corporations, MBA programmes, as well as public speaking classes to develop young talents.

Speaking good English is like earning a ticket-to-ride to a brighter future. It enhances your opportunity to work in higher-valued jobs and creates more windows for you to connect to a wider network in order for you to rise higher.

I always make learning fun, easy and practical, as I believe everyone should enjoy learning English while gaining more value to improve our life. By joining my class and SOLS smart programme, I am confident that your life will be empowered.

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