Adeline Ng

Graduated with a Bachelor of Psychological Science and Business, I have always been passionate about connecting with people and improving their wellbeing. Today, I am humbled to be part of the SOLS smart team where I continue to solve social problems and provide training to create valuable impact in the community.

Coming from a corporate background as a management consultant in Ernst and Young Malaysia, I am constantly faced with global issues and challenges. The ability to speak with English proficiency has become the key that opened up many doors for me whether it is a promotion or career opportunities. I was able to communicate and understand my client better which lead me to deliver excellent outcomes for them. 

I believe that by learning English with SOLS smart, it will do the exact same for you. It will be your launchpad to excel in your industry and career. The 5 years of experience, teaching and training have become my forte. I am passionate about helping you to speak English with confidence in order for you to achieve your goals and aspirations. With our tools and methodology, learning English will be easy and fun. Sign up now and I will see you in class!

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